5 Reasons Why Coding is Important for Young Minds

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One of the most important future career prospects is coding. There are various advantages of learning coding. But the biggest advantage is that it allows anyone with the knowledge of coding to become more than consumers of technology. When you know coding, you can become the creator of technology.

So, What is Coding?

Coding For Students

Coding is the language which is used to give a computer instruction to perform different functions. It constitutes of visual blocks and texts. It is taught through various platforms like Scratch, Blocky, JavaScript, C++ etc. The language is utilized to build applications, websites, software, games, etc. Microprocessors use coding to operate various Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technology. It even runs things like basic air-conditioners. Scientific programs and security systems all run because of coding.

Parents are always looking for engaging as well as educational activities for their children. Coding is an activity that is not only educational but also fun. It engages children from a young age. It opens up different career opportunities for them later on in life. The earlier children learn to code, the better they grasp the basics of coding.

The importance of Coding for Young Minds

The advantages of learning coding from a young age are manifold. Kids learning coding from a young age have been shown to have better problem-solving skills. Coding has been known to enhance children’s decision-making skills. Multitasking, improved memory, better networking ability are all by-products of having learned coding from a young age.

5 Reasons Behind the Importance of Coding for Young Minds

1) Increases Multilingual Ability:

Multilingualism or the ability to use more than one language allows people to develop several advantageous characters. The mind sharpens increasing the decision-making ability. It improves memory. It also enhances the ability to multitask. One’s networking skills also increase by virtue of being multilingual. And experts agree that it is best to introduce a new language at a young age. Coding, by definition, is a language, thus should be introduced at the earliest possible age. Young minds grasp the basics of any language quickly.

Code writing for kids has evolved over time. Now, even preschoolers can be introduced to basic concepts of coding through fun-filled activities.

2) Increase in Creativity:

The main aim of coding is to provide the computer with instructions to perform a specific task. While doing this, children are encouraged to be creative. We as adults know that often we have to creatively solve the problems we face in our daily lives. Coding for kids allows them to approach an imaginary problem with a creative solution. Mistakes they might make while solving the problems foster their creativity more. Code writing for kids teaches children patience and creativity. It teaches them not to fear failure.

3) Increases Math Skill:

In a traditional form, mathematics has turned out to be the bane of many students. Many parents will agree that they have feared the subject. Often, we struggle to find an application of basic concepts of math in real life. Code writing for kids allows children to develop a love for the generally dreaded subject. It builds a solid foundation for the basic concepts of math. It allows young minds to understand algorithms and formulas and their application in real life. Even toddlers can be taught to understand the function of basic shapes through coding.

4) Increases Planning and Organization:

As parents, you are aware of how much planning and organization you have to do to have a successful day. Coding encourages children to develop and organize their thoughts from a young age. Coding requires one to structure out how the computer has to be instructed. Thus, kids learning to code develop the ability to structure and organize their thoughts from a young age. This can influence their academic performance also. With organized thoughts, their writing skills improve becoming better with time spent on coding.

5) Increases Problem-Solving Skills and Resilience:

As children learn to code, they learn problem-solving. And with problem-solving comes failure. Coding teaches children that it is alright to fail in their attempts to solve a problem. A method that is not encouraged in traditional learning. In coding, a child can repeatedly fail in their pursuit of solving a problem. This makes them resilient. It gives them the confidence to bounce back every time they face a failure. The mistakes teach them creativity as discussed earlier.

Code writing for kids overall is a fun and engaging method. It is the perfect gift if you want your children to be creative problem solvers who have fun with mathematics. It will ensure a bright future for your child in an age when every aspect of our lives is becoming technology oriented. Children may not use coding extensively in their future. The above mentioned benefits still affect their lives in a positive manner. As parents, it is our duty to provide our children with the tools for success. Coding is such a tool and a necessary one in today’s world.

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